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Consulting Services for the Third Sector

It is common wisdom in the “third sector” that passion and effort are crucial, they often are not enough to ensure an organization’s sustainable growth. Instead, long-term success requires competence, strategy, and a managerial approach.

Driven by this belief, I chose to utilize my own experience in the non-profit sector as well as a unique managerial approach to assist non-profit organizations by providing them the support they need to flourish. Today I head the Antonella Moretti Management Consulting Firm, which offers our clients expertise and resources that are rigorously tailored to their unique needs. 

Thanks to 25 years of work experience in this sector, I understand the value of fostering strong networks and the need to be “effective” rather than simply “efficient”. I have successfully put this philosophy into practice in a range of roles of increasing responsibility—in both domestic and international entities, and in the core activities of the non-profit sector:


Antonella moretti Management Consulting Values

My experience

Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla Fondazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla    (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society) – Managing Director and CEO

Lega del Filo d’Oro the main Italian  non-profit organization for people who are deaf and blind – Director of Development and Communication

Confederazione Parkinson Italia (Italian Confederation for Parkinson’s Disease) – Board Member

European MS Platform  – Board Member and Vice President

MS International Federation – Board Member and Chair of the International Fundraising Committee

International Progressive MS Alliance – Member of the Executive Committee


My approach

 My primary goal is to build effective organizational models by creating working groups or “teams” to suit each individual project. “One size does not fit all”; instead my motto is “Custom Fit”. Each consulting project begins by listening attentively to our client’s needs at that point in time and space, while also considering the broader external context in which they operate.

My approach is well-defined, pragmatic, and goal oriented. We work side by side with our clients, usually on site to train staff and provide the necessary tools to make them autonomous. We scrupulously track our progress in reaching our targets and ensuring our clients are moving in the right direction.

My vision: I embrace challenges. In all past professional endeavors, my goal was to rethink the existing strategies and internal practices of the organization for which I worked. This process involved rebranding: overhauling internal processes; and enhancing the role of human resources by engaging the staff and making them a key asset.

I approach each project in its totality. I take into account the path traveled so far by each organization, while envisioning how it might change course as it implements vital changes called for by stakeholders.


My Philosophy

I believe in using innovative means to enhance an organization’s worth and identify its unique contribution to its cause, society, and the environment.

I believe in advancing equity and inclusion in the fields of health and disability. To this end, I have fostered and applied a multi-stakeholder approach, bringing together groups of patients and caregivers; clinicians and academics; national and European statutory bodies; and umbrella organizations.

Finally, I believe that human resources are a key asset of any non-profit organization and are especially a crucial opportunity for collaboration. At the global level, I have set up networks and partnerships engaging culturally diverse groups. In the domestic sphere, the same holds true: my work in Italy has focused on creating cross-over teams of volunteers and staff and developing internal training programs. I have encouraged cross-functional thinking and other forms of innovation, producing concrete results.

I work together with 

A group of consulting professionals specialized in various fields: 

Cosimo Finzi - Management Consulting

Cosimo Finzi

CEO, Astra Ricerche (Astra Research), Milan

“An extremely competent professional ready to tackle any challenge while providing custom-designed support to organizations.
Together we worked on various studies and projects, including the development of a donor data base for a renowned non-profit organization. This project generated valuable insight leading to the creation of new communication strategies and critical changes in development.”


Area of consulting:
Marketing and Social Analysis
Massimiliano Santoro - Management Consulting

Massimiliano Santoro

Founder, Gruppo Prospecta, Milan

“Author of articles and other publications, he works—along with his team— to envision and implement key changes in management approaches and strategies in for-profit and non-profit entities. He has an exceptional ability to appreciate, devise, and implement innovation, an ability I have witnessed first-hand.


Area of consulting:
Organization – Human Resources
Paolo Giganti- Management Consulting

Paolo Giganti

Consultant, Rome

“A key figure in the non-profit sector in Italy and in fundraising and development, he successfully led development at WWF for many years, and was in charge of fund raising for AISM and consultant for the La Lega del Filo d’Oro; in these organizations, we worked together to increase revenue and open new channels of activity. He was among the first to augment the range of tools to successfully reach out to donors while gaining their trust.
His capabilities and analytical skills are exceptional: I watched first-hand as he was able to draw out the hidden potential of donor databases.”


Area of Consulting:
Marketing & Fundraising
Clodia Vurro - Management Consulting

Clodia Vurro

Associate Professor of the School of Economics, Management and Quantitativee Methods, Università Statale di Milano, Milan

“Expert in impact analysis, sustainability reporting and CSR, she has accompanied 
companies and organizations on their paths towards Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

We collaborated on a project regarding impact analysis and accountability for a non-profit
organization in the field of healthcare services. I observed how she was able to immediately identify the most effective means for a non-profit organization to measure and underscore the positive results of its unique operating model.”


Area of consulting:
management – Accountability
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