Strategic Consulting

We work with you —side by side, and on site— to track progress and reach the expected outcomes

Strategic and Organizational Consulting and Development

Is it feasible to set challenging long-term objectives and expect  concrete results in the medium term?

We say YES. Our approach is effective because it is flexible: we remain focused on your organization’sraison d’être and specific needs while working with you to build a customized strategy.


Our Method


We carefully analyze the broad external environment in which you operate.


We work with you to develop organizational models and business practices that are aligned with your growth objectives and consider the unique mix of volunteers and staff working for your organization.


We provide you with the tools and skills needed to turn your mission into long-term strategic plans.


We work side by side with you to ensure the proper execution of the strategy by translating it into operational plans with SMART objectives.


We help you to build your team and develop skills so that they can implement your strategy autonomously.


Moretti Management Consulting - Intelligence


An extensive knowledge of the non-profit external environment and its stakeholders.

Qualified and highly experienced researchers  work closely with you, using the most advanced tools to understand your organization and key external factors. The use of qualitative and quantitative surveys both on paper and online, and interpretative analysis of the data collected provides crucial insight to shape your organization’s growth path.

What makes us unique

Antonella Moretti Management Consulting - Group

In designing a growth strategy, we do not simply support your efforts, but work with you as a team. This approach enables you to convey your plan to the principal stakeholders in the most compelling manner and render it crystal-clear and credible to those working in your organization. In this way, all are on board.


Our unique hub of qualified professionals—all experts in varying fields and equipped with a thorough knowledge of the most cutting-edge tools—is the key to our proven success.