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The Key Challenges for Patient Advocacy Organizations Today

Engagement Activities,
and Campaigning

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Patient advocacy organizations all face the following challenges: “How do we develop an advocacy strategy that advances our cause? How do we effectively advocate for individuals and at the same time empower them to advocate for their own rights? How do we encourage the patient community to take an active part in engagement activities and campaigning?”


We help you to foster a multi-stakeholder approach that puts the needs and expectations of the patients and caregivers front and center. We help you to participate in all stages of the process, beginning with medical innovation and culminating with the promotion of high-caliber health care services by partnering with other institutions.




Our Method


We help you set the agenda for your cause and the direction it will take. We help you initiate a fruitful dialogue and exchange with other institutions in the field.


We help you adopt a multi-stakeholder approach, by forging long-lasting partnerships with health care professionals and the scientific community and by building coalitions with other groups and organizations.


We work side by side with you to give a voice to the patient community, thereby clarifying the unique issues of your cause.


We  help you to reach out to patients and their families by providing them with reliable and updated information via educational programs, projects focused on patient empowerment, and campaigning.


We collaborate with you to plan and conduct awareness campaigns targeted not only at the larger public, but also your principal stakeholders (clinics, the scientific community, and national and local institutions) so that the needs of patients and their families are fully recognized—and ultimately met.

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Do you need a clearer picture of your broad external environment, your stakeholders, and donors?

Our qualified researchers—all with multi-year experience in the non-profit sector, offer support via means such as  qualitative and quantitative surveys — both offline and online, and interpretative analysis of the data collected. These tools produce crucial insight to shape your organization’s development

Why Choose Us

Our capacity-building programs will help your organization take an active part in various work groups and give a voice to the patients for whom you advocate.

As such, you will act with authority and competency as you bring to the table the patient community’s needs and expectations so that they can be adequately addressed.