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People Raising & Coaching
How can you recruit the right people and get them on board? How can you develop your human resources via effective training programs and at the same time make your vision their vision? Your goals their goals? These challenges regard both volunteers—the backbone of many organizations, and employees—who must have not only strong technical and organizational skills but also excellent abilities in handling diverse inter-personal relationships with respect, empathy, and discretion.

The Third Sector is deeply influenced by changes in the external landscape, and so non-profit organizations have to evolve accordingly by equipping themselves with the appropriate organizational development skills; forging and nurturing social relationships; and acting as agents of change, on the local and national level.


Our Method


We work with you to increase your organization’s appeal and make your brand recognizable by the people you would like to bring on board. We help you to identify the areas where new volunteers and staff are needed; to attract and recruit the most talented people; and finally, to increase your new team’s commitment to your programs.


We help you to use the most appropriate recruitment methods for your organization and its particular needs, such as on-line and off-line targeted campaigns. We collaborate to develop an induction process to make newly engaged volunteers feel welcomed and ensure they are well-informed and trained.


We provide support as you develop effective customized training programs that consider the different needs and expectations of volunteers and staff regarding their respective roles in your organization


We help you adopt an organizational model that enhances the synergy between the staff’s expertise and the added value of the volunteers’ work; we work with you to organize engagement activities and motivational events that build a common workplace culture grounded in a deep sense of belonging and shared values.

Why Choose Us?

People Raising & Coaching
All organizations seek to recruit volunteers, but few know how to do so effectively. Recruiting, selecting, engaging, motivating and retaining volunteers is no easy task. It requires a clear plan and extensive experience in forging solid and durable relations.

We have the expertise to help you do just this. Thanks to our experience in multiple fields and profound knowledge of the non-profit sector, we help you take  the critical steps and ask the right questions when developing your organization’s volunteer force. We work with your organization to design a customized volunteer profile. Together we identify places, events, and groups that are a potential source of  the volunteers your organization needs, and then determine how to successfully recruit and make volunteers a valuable part of your team.